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Important Letter to Bobby
The latest letter, where Bill gives Bobby important advice regarding marriage agencies and searching for true love.

The First Meeting...

Bill shares his thoughts about the process of a first meeting

Searching for Love in Ukraine
Learn why most men fail at finding an honest woman in Ukraine.

Socials and Tours
There is a better way to meet a sincere, honest woman in Ukraine!

Five Years in Ukraine
Mr. Green shares the last 5 years living in Ukraine helping others. Learn all about the real people of Ukraine, and more!

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PenPals Accommodations Service

Contact us now for special rental prices...


Whether you are staying in Nikolaev for a day, a week, or a month, we’ll find the best accommodations for you. Hotels are available throughout the city, or you may choose a flat located in the City Centre district, within walking distance of the heart of the city.

Hotels are the ideal choice if you like the convenience of having cafes and night clubs within walking distance. Flats (apartments) are ideal if you wish to spend time relaxing with a little more privacy than what is expected in a hotel room.

Flats offer many conveniences you might find at "home", including internet, Wi-Fi, a computer, a washing machine, satellite TV, air conditioning, and kitchenette complete with everything you need to cook a great meal.


The vast majority of our PenPals 
members (clients) choose to rent a flat or an apartment fully equipped with a bedroom, kitchen facilities, a living room area, bathroom with toilet, sink and tub/shower. In addition to other basic electronic items, a washing machine is usually included.

See a flat on a web site that you would like to rent? Call us and we’ll negotiate the best possible price for you. We can help you save up to twenty percent in comparison to other service companies. A deposit is required for all flat reservations and must be prepaid at the time of confirmation.


An important factor for us to professionally reserve your accommodations is to both gain and verify the details of your stay here in Ukraine.

Once we are clear on the specifics, it will be necessary to place a deposit on the desired property for the dates of your stay and thereby taking this apartment or flat "off of the market" during this time period.


At certain times of the year, demand for accommodations is high, and the supply of nicely furnished and conveniently located properties dwindles. To maximize your options of getting the best accommodations available, it is necessary to have plenty of advance notice to book your preferred details according to your itinerary.

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